PRSS Solutions (UK) Ltd can gather, assemble and arrange any of a number of different project concepts. We offer both custom and contract packaging services. We have a variety of packaging methods and can function as a one source solution so that your project can be managed from start to finish. We offer multiple packaging capabilities, including liquid filling, shrink wrapping and hand packing among others.

Shrink Wrapping

For fast turn round of shrink wrapping projects we run a semi-automatic ā€˜Lā€™ sealer shrink wrapping line, suitable for many different products including ā€“ gift sets, envelopes, games, books, calendars baskets etc. We can also wrap difficult items and small runs. Many Point of Sale items use this process; it offers a good durable finish and is tamper-evident.

Liquid Filling

For liquids filling from 1 ml to bulk, we can fill viscous, non viscous and semi solids products we have a range of filling lines capable of dispensing accurate doses consistently. We can fill many types of liquids. Extremely flexible and can accommodate any bottle. We are unique in our ability to effectively produce small, medium and large runs.

Label Application

There are probably no labelling requirements that we could not tackle either by machine or hand applied, whatever your need we would most likely be able to assist. We can process any orders that require hand application of labels, mailing labels, warning labels, promotional labels, instructional labels or labels of any other kind.

Hand Assembly

There are many jobs that cannot be assembled, labelled, glued or collated by machine due to their complexity or run quantity, our team of loyal packaging staff can adapt many types of complex assembly or collating exercises with quality and efficiency. Custom assembly is an art that demands impeccable attention to detail each and every time. There can be no tolerance for error because anything less than perfect undermines the impact effectiveness of the product. We can offer a wide range of services collating, specialty packaging, labelling, product assembly, sales and promotional kits, point-of-sale displays, sorting, reworking, complex gluing and hand folding.