Phoraid Disinfectant and Phoraid Antiseptic were developed in response to an urgent demand from emergency services in the United Kingdom, on the discovery of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infections (AIDS) and a growing Health and Safety awareness of communicable diseases such as Hepatitis B. They are among the most effective agents known with powerful and rapid activity against these and a wide range of other organisms.

In the mid 1980's, at the time of the UK prison officer's go slow strike a leading police authority in the United Kingdom, (The Greater Manchester Police) commissioned Smyth-Morris Chemicals to develop a product that could be used safely to disinfect cells in local police stations being used to accommodate prisoners whom could not be sent to the main prisons and also to protect their officers in areas which could be contaminated by infected blood and other body fluids, at scenes of accidents and violent arrests.

Following this development carried out Mr Dudley Messenger of Smyth-Morris and Mr. William Keane B.Sc. of Cochrane & Keane (Chemicals) Phoraid became so successful with the Emergency Services after being used at both the Lockerbie and Manchester Airport crash disasters that it was decided to extend the testing to meet worldwide standards in order to make it acceptable on the world market in Hospitals, Research Laboratories, Dental Clinics, Schools and Veterinary Practices, and now hold numerous International test certification and approvals which are available on request.

An iodine-based product, Phoraid is biodegradable, free rinsing, non-fuming, non-corrosive and extremely safe to use. It will not harm the skin, burn or intoxicate and may be used with safety on coloured fabrics and in enclosed spaces.

Iodine is one of the oldest and most effective disinfectants used by man, but is unusual in that it sublimes, or moves from a solid to a gas without the liquid stage and therefore is unstable. To overcome this, 'Idoplex' was developed for Phoraid. This carefully chosen non-aqueous iodine complex is both water and oil soluble and the Hydrophylic/Lipothylic Balance (HLB), was carefully calculated to give those benefits

In 1994, the World Intellectual Rights of Phoraid Antiseptic & Disinfectant were acquired by Phoraid International/HS Marketing Limited and continue to operate with Mr. William Keane BSc as Consultant Chemist and PRSS Solutions (UK) Ltd as one of the prime suppliers and contract packers.