Phoraid products are used extensively by the emergency services, hospitals and clinics but are suitable for every establishment such as:

Hotels. Hairdressers. Private Chemists. Restaurants. Pubs. Clubs. Health Farms. Solariums. Swimming Baths. Emergency Services. Local/District Councils. Massage Parlours. Funeral Directors. Petrol Stations. Airports. Motorway Service Areas. Department Stores. First Aid Kits. Passenger Ferries. Sports & Leisure Centres. Banks. Janatorial Cleaning Companies. Factories. Food Processing Plants. Farms. Veterinary Surgeons. Government Bodies. Equine Establishments. Tatooists and any establishment using disinfectant and antiseptic.

Specific uses

Every toilet and washing facility public or private should be cleaned and disinfected with Phoraid disinfectant. Phoraid will destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi fast and effectively.

Bedding and clothing should be soaked in Phoraid solution prior to washing whenever there is any trace of body fluids (blood, urine, vomit or semen). The HIV virus can survive in body fluid, at room temperature in both a dry and liquid state.

All private and public working surfaces and floors should be cleaned with Phoraid. Catering and food preparation equipment should be thoroughly disinfected to prevent contamination.

All instruments whether they are medical, surgical or even hairdresser's scissors should be dipped or rinsed in Phoraid to eradicate the possibility of cross-infection from any minute traces of tissue or body fluid.

All kennels, stables and pens - police, veterinary and private should be cleaned with Phoraid . Whilst Phoraid will destroy Parvo Virus, Equine Herpes and the Foot and Mouth Virus, it is harmless to animals.