Phoraid products are idophors releasing iodine, a powerful germicide, in a highly effective and convenient way. Iodine is generally considered to be four times more active than chlorine. (US Public Health Service, Food and Sanitation Manual 1962). Iodine is faster acting than hypochlorites, quaternary ammonium compounds and phenols.

Phoraid is biodegradable, free rinsing, non-fuming and non-corrosive. It will not harm the skin, burn or intoxicate and may be used with safety on coloured fabrics and in enclosed spaces. Iodine is one of the oldest and most effective disinfectants used by man, but is unusual in that it sublimes, or moves from a solid to a gas without the liquid stage and therefore is unstable.

To overcome this, ‘Idoplex’ was developed for Phoraid. This carefully chosen non-aqueous iodine complex is both water and oil soluble and the Hydrophylic /Lipothylic Balance (HLB), was carefully calculated to give those benefits.