Efficient and Effective

Phoraid is relatively more effective than other agents at low temperatures, where others will suffer a reduction in their bactericidal activity. It is most efficient below 40°C and remains bactericidal at low concentrations. Phoraid shows no decrease in microbiocidal activity in the presence of hard water.

Easy to use

Phoraid’s colour acts as an indicator allowing the operator to know the area disinfected - the colour is transient. Phoraid products are biodegradable and cost effective when used at correct dilution rates. They offer good stability in storage (24 months if stored correctly - away from heat and direct sunlight and provided containers are sealed when not in use) and are non-flammable. It is available in a range of packages including Phoraid impregnated all purpose wipes, trigger sprays and bulk containers, it requires no mixing and is effective in seconds.

Environmentally friendly

Phoraid products will not give off fumes when they deliberately or inadvertently come into contact with other chemicals. They are free rinsing and do not permanently stain textiles, skin or most hard surfaces if used at the correct dilutions, and any yellowing from long term use on recycled plastics can be removed immediately with Phoraid Colour Eradictor. Phoraid products contain no bleaching agents and will not damage or discolour fabrics when used for decontamination of uniforms etc.

Earlier cleaning or disinfectant products had either limited viricidal or bactericidal activity or else were dangerous to use. The development of Phoraid products heralded a safer, biodegradable solution which will not cause harm to the skin, corrode or intoxicate. Such is the degree of safety, that if by chance the product is splashed in the eyes or ingested, it should produce nothing more than a mild irritation which can be relieved by rinsing with water.

Phoraid general disinfectant now provides an alternative, safer level of protection.